Metal Detecting in St. Petersburg Region, Russia (Story 5)

After I found another coin, Russian 1736 1 Polushka, I switched the 10.5 inches coil for the 15 inches WOT coil on my Explorer XS. With WOT ("Wonderful Orange Thing"), I began rechecking the area that I cleaned off the iron junk.

It resulted in getting a faint signal that indicated a deep copper target. When I unearthed it, I remembered seeing something similar in a museum of the Medieval Times.

Relic Found With WOT Coil

A Bronze Comb

Bronze Comb

I wished I could date that artifact. Anyway, that was the last find of the day as the weather condition changed again and a heavy rain hit the area. Nevertheless, I was completely satisfied with the results. Again, I had proved that a good map research is the key to successful metal detecting!

My Finds From This Trip

Finds From The Trip

Usually I do not take pictures of all junk that was dug up during a metal detecting outing. This time, I changed my mind to show what takes the most of detecting time away from a treasure hunter who metal detects in the western Russia.

Most of the unwanted items were the WW2 military junk: flare gun aluminum shells, rifle and machine gun brass casings, mines, propelled grenades, artillery shells, fragments of artillery projectiles, especially the brass fragments, etc. The list could be very long.

All these junk items give a good coin signal thus making a treasure hunter dig them up. One has to be in a good physical shape to deal with such junk for hours. Another problem, some of the unexploded projectiles, fuses, and mines could be very dangerous!

On the other hand, the military junk scares away many beginners from the sites with a high concentration of it. That is an excellent opportunity for an experienced metaldetectorist in getting all the fruits from the site.

Digging This Stuff Would Make You Sweat

This Stuff Makes You Sweat

The Storm Is Coming

The Storm

Happy Hunting!

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