Metal Detecting in St. Petersburg Region (Story 5)

20 minutes later, we arrived to another village site which had been known for a coin cache discovery, though the coins were not very old.

The Houses Stood On Both Sides Of The Road In The Late 1700s

18th Century Village Site

Unfortunately, the local peasants had not cut the grass here but there were some areas where the grass was low. As soon as we spotted one, we stopped and parked our cars right on the road next to it.

Our Expedition Vehicles

The guys began metal detecting but I decided to enjoy the fresh air and take some pics while waiting for their search results.

An Exotic Plant

The Search Goes On

Maxim And Misha

Maxim And Misha

As they had only one machine, they took turns in using it. At least, it was easier for both of them.

Digging Up The Target

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