Metal Detecting in Leningrad Region, Russia (Story 5)

15 minutes had passed and no one found anything but the brass casings. Then I decided to walk further down the road, towards the small tree grove standing the on the highest point on the road.

Tree Grove On The Highest Point Of The Road

When I got there, I saw the tall grass on both sides, just turned around, and started walking back to the car.

The Vegetation Looked Like an Impenetrable Green Wall

The Wild Grass Was Taller Than Me

Upon my return, no one still found any coins. It was a disappointing situation. The weather also began changing for the worse. We made a decision to visit another site nearby though it was a hard one to get to by the only access road made by logging trucks, and it was in bad shape.

For The Off-Road Vehicles Only

This Dirt Road  Was A Challenge

We had driven a half way when suddenly we came to the pile of dirt dumped right on the road. Slava's 4x4 jeep could get over it but Maxim's car capability of doing so was in question.

We were just a quarter of a mile away from the site. So we made a decision: Maxim would park his car at that point, Slava and I would go through and wait for the guys at the site while they would get there on foot.

Slava and I got to the site all right and were about to have a cup of hot tea from Slava's thermos when suddenly we heard a car approaching… No words exist to explain our surprise and describe our face expressions. It was Maxim's car!!! It made it through!

The guys took a big risk and succeeded overcoming all the road obstacles with their sedan. Their big desire to dig up a few old coins overtook their fear to get stuck in the middle of nowhere for a long while. All I said was, "Welcome to the club, partners!"

Adventurers They Are!

Adventurous Treasure Hunters

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