Metal Detecting in Russia (Story 5)

But now, we had to face the same problem, the tall wild grass. It grew out of control all over the place and, of course, cover the stone foundations completely.

Wild Vegetation Covered A Few Old Stone Foundations

Well, Slava and I were prepared for that. We brought a scythe with us and I started an unpleasant job of clearing a little patch for metal detecting.

Like in the Old Times - Cutting the Grass with Scythe

I am Preparing A Patch For Metal Detecting

Everyone used the scythe and cleared a little patch to be searched. We began treasure hunting and searched for an hour but the randomly chosen spots were not productive. Everybody found a few relics, but no coins.

My Share Of Relics

My Share Of Dug Relics

Another hour of metal detecting did not produce anything. Maxim and Misha decided to go home before it would get too dark to do the Extreme Tourism. We said good-byes and they left. I swung the coil a little more and was lucky to find at least one coin.

The Only Old Coin I Dug Up

A Swedish One-Sixth Ore from the 1600s (Minted During The Rule Of Christina)

17th Century Sweden 1/6 Ore Coin

The darkness was falling upon us. It was time to leave the place and finally go to the site of Zherebyata village where we planned our staying overnight. We still had to make it out through some challenging obstacles on the dirt road.

A Huge Pile Of Dirt in The Middle Of The Road

4-Wheel Driving At Night

4-Wheel Driving - Extreme Tourism For Real

Extreme Tourism For Real

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