Metal Detecting Trip To England

It Was an Interesting Learning Experience

Inside The Bath Cathedral

Hanging Around the City for the Rest of the Day

Hanging Around The City

The City Park

The City Park

Beautiful Flower Bed

The trip to the city of Bath was interesting and educational in terms of learning Roman history. But I was thinking about searching the field next to the Swainsons' house once more. Well, I did not have a chance to do more metal detecting due to the heavy rains that hit the area during the last two days of my staying in the UK.

I wished I had more time available for treasure hunting as I was thinking about Roman hammered coins and artifacts. If it was not for the rainy weather, I could probably find something interesting at the site of the medieval Abbey.

Oh well, a one-day metal detecting experience was still fun to me! It was important to remain positive and grateful even for a small given opportunity. My exciting metal detecting discoveries were about to happen soon in Russia, but, at this moment, I was not aware of coming treasure hunting experiences and was just excited about beginning a new Metal Detecting season.

The Field

Happy Hunting!

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