Metal Detecting in the UK

Treasure Hunting in the Wyltshire

Well, it rained hard for the next three days. And I was running out of time as I had to fly to Estonia soon. When there was a short break between the rains, I walked up to the neighboring hill on top of which the ruins of a medieval Abbey still stood.

Medieval Abbey Hill

The Bridal Path Used To Run Somewhere Over The Hill

View From The Top Of The Hill

I had put a plastic bag over the control box of my Explorer to protect it from the rain.

Veiw From The Hill

10 minutes after I started metal detecting and dug one hole, the rain hit hard again. I began getting soaked quickly, nothing to say about muddy soil. That was it for searching a nice historic location, I had to run back home.

Jane got her day off on the next sunny day, so she and John suggested to me to take a ride to the historic city of Bath and check out the Roman baths. My friends were so kind to take me around and show historic places that I could not say "No," so all three of us got into the Land-Rover and took off.

Even though, John was a skilled driver, I felt a little bit anxious about roller-coasting on the English countryside roads again. A few things got my attention on the way.

An Unusual Road-sign

Tank Crossing Road Sign

So Familiar Looking Stone Wall

Stone Wall

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