Metal Detecting Trip To the UK

Treasure Hunting in the Wyltshire

Seeing the old English history was exciting but I was itching to "touch" it. On the next day, which happened to be sunny and clear, I finally assembled my Explorer XS and walked to the field; its owner's permission had already been received.

Nice Field To Search For Old Coins

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Metal Detecting Fun

It took me a short while to tune my machine according to the soil conditions. The signals were scarce but good; like the one that produced what I thought would be a coin.

First Find

A Royal Weight From the 19th Century

Royal Weight

In fact, this photo helped a Canadian detectorist identify his find. On November 11, I received an e-mail from David in Nova Scotia:
"Hi Sergei, I got out metal detecting last night in a field here in my town and found a small brass/bronze disc. I didnít know what it was but kept it anyway just to have a better look it at home. When I examined it I found it had some symbols inside the cupped area but I could not tell what I had so I put it in my items of curiosity box. This morning I was looking at your web site and, low and behold, there it was, and I was not even looking for it. You found one in a field in England, amazing. Turns out it is a 19 century royal weight (attached is a photo of it). I do not have a digital scale yet so I can not give the exact weight. I am not sure but think that the symbols might represent the weight, but I am not positive.
The item was located in a field in Berwick, Nova Scotia, Canada on Nov. 10, 2011. I have just started to go over this field with my Garrett AT Pro metal detector so I may find some more of these in the future.
Thank you for your very informative web site.
Berwick, NS, Canada."

David's Find - a Royal Weight (next to a 25-cent Canadian coin for size comparison)

Royal Weight Found in Canada

Location of David's home town Berwick in Nova Scotia, Canada, on Google Map

Location of David's home town Berwick in Nova Scotia, Canada, on Google Map

...Back to my story: then, out popped a King George copper.

A First Coin Was Dug

Coin Flipped

Next Target Was A Brass Ring

A Copper Ring

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