Coin Shooting at Village Kozheritsy Site, page 5

The Oldest (Deepest) Coins Can Be Detected Only After The Upper Modern Cultural Layers Are Cleaned Of Targets

Then I did not get any signal for a long while. I moved to another spot where I noticed a lot of old dug holes. They were probably left by those two metal detectorists about which the watchman told us last night.

I started moving the coil very slow and detected a coin that usually produces a low-pitch signal due to its small diameter (15 mm or 6/8 of an inch) and thinness, even though it is made of high conductive alloy.

Soviet 1926 1 Kopeck

Soviet 1926 1 Kopek Dug

Then I got a good copper coin signal and dug up a coin.

1815 2 Kopeks Coin

Russian 1815 2 Kopecks

1815 2 Kopeks

Next Signal Produced A Russian 1757 1 Denga Coin

Russian 1757 1 Denga Coin Dug

After It Was Cleaned

Russian 1757 1 Denga Cleaned

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