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Like in Gambling, The Surprise Factor Will Keep You Going 500 mph At The 500 Years Old Site

After lunch, I decided to search a different spot in the field and chose a right side of the hill where the grass was not that bad. I decided to dig everything but nails- the way I metal detect in Upstate New York. More coins started popping up.

A German Soldier Probably Dropped This German 1943 1 Reichspfennig

Nazi Germany 1943 1 Reischpfennig

1769 1 Polushka (1/400 of Rouble)

1769 1 Polushka Coin Dug

After It Was Cleaned

Russian 1769 1 Polushka Cleaned

It was time to take a break and rest somewhere under the shade. The temperatures rose up. But I did not want to stop searching and lose the momentum. I just drank lots of water. Next find was a surprise to me: an old medal!

Russian Commemorative Medal Dug

This medal commemorates Russian soldiers who fought in the Japan War (1904-1905). It reads: "Let the Lord Ascend You At the Right Time."

Japan War Commemorative Medal

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