Treasure Hunting at Village Kozheritsy Site, page 3

Any Frequently Searched Site Still Has A Few Hot Spots With Nice "Leftovers"

As soon as I saw his find, I assembled my Explorer and started turning it on while running to the field. I noticed that the grass there was taller and thicker, usually a case of the field being abandoned by farmers for some reason.

I knew the reason: there were many stone foundations and other debris from the village that once stood here. After I dug some brass casings, I detected a coin that was 300 years younger than Forrest’s find. Considering the large diameter of the coin, I thought that if this coin was missed by other treasure hunters, there would be plenty of smaller ones still left at the site.

Early Soviet 1924 3 Kopecks

Soviet 1924 3 Kopecks Coin

Five minutes later, I got really excited when my Explorer gave me a solid signal with high-pitch tone. I started digging and hoped for silver when my shovel banged against something big. It was time to be disappointed: a blown-up brass casing of artillery shell!

A WW2 Relic

WW2 Artifact

But I knew a brass casing/coin ratio for such areas, 10 to 1, and did not loose my enthusiastic mood. Finally I was rewarded with a cool find.

Swedish 1666 1/6 Ore Coin

Swedish 1666 1/6 Ore Coin

After It Was Cleaned

Swedish 1666 Coin Cleaned

Then I spent a few hours digging copper and iron relics, but coins. At noon, it was time to lunch. Yulya was so kind to cook a delicious potato/canned meat soup for us.

Yulya Is Our Cooking Chef

Yulya the Chef

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