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Assemble Electrolysis Machine of "CLASSIC" Type for Cleaning Coins

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• Simple How-To's in Electrical Wiring

To convert your AC/DC adaptor into an electrolysis power supply, first cut the connecting little plug off the cable terminal. (The "plug" here is the one that connects the adapter to the radio, charger, etc., NOT the plug that connects to the wall outlet!)

Cutting the 12V Electric Plug Off

Cutting the 12V Electric Plug Off

Once you have cut that little plug, you will see that the cable has a double-strand wire inside its insulation casing. To remove the casing, crimp it with a sharp knife or a box cutter, if you do not use the wire stripper, one inch from the end.

Crimping the Cable Casing with a Sharp Knife

Crimping the Cable Insulation with a Sharp Knife

Cut carefully across and all the way around the casing while applying the right amount of pressure not to nick or damage two wires inside. It is best to practice it beforehand on similar wires.

The Cable Insulation is Split All Around

The Cable Casing is Split All Around

Pull the cut length of insulation off the wires.

Sliding the Wire Insulation Off

Sliding the Cable Insulation Off

Now you have two actual wires, RED for POSITIVE, and WHITE for NEGATIVE, exposed.

Two 14 Gauge Insulated Wire Strands Are Exposed

Two 14 Gauge Insulated Wire Strands Are Exposed

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