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Safety Precautions During Electrolytic Cleaning of Coins

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3) Avoid Short Circuiting
NEVER let the two electrodes touch while the current is on. Your adapter will short, and possibly cause a fire.

If a power source for electrolysis does not feature any protection against short-circuiting, accidental short-circuiting can cause an irreversible damage to the power supply and a hazardous reaction of human body. To avoid short-circuiting, follow these safety rules:

• Place the anode and the coin being cleaned in the container properly, so that they would not come loose and touch each other. For details read "Place Electrodes in Electrolyte Properly" and "Place Coins in Electrolyte Properly" sections on page 14.

• Do not place a car battery charger (or an adapter) too close to the electrolytic setup to avoid accidental spills on it. Also keep the battery charger indoors while the setup is placed outdoors. If the battery charger is placed outdoors, cover it to protect from moisture (rain or snow), and apply all of the usual cautions about operating any electrical device in a wet environment.

4) Protect Your Eyes and Skin
Washing and baking soda electrolytic solutions are alkaline and, although not considered dangerous, will irritate the skin and eyes. Prolonged contacts with the skin should be avoided because they can result in dermatitis and skin ulcers, especially if you use the stainless steel anodes that dissolve hexavalent chromium into the electrolytic solution (see details on page 9 of my "Electrolytic Rust Removal" tutorial).

To avoid exposure of your hands to the electrolyte, chemicals, by-products and contaminants, the rubber gloves must be worn all the time during both the electrolytic setup and cleaning. Always inspect the glove for cuts or punctures prior to use! And the electrolyte must be kept away from the eyes. This is why protective Safety Glasses are the must to give you safety and protection during the coin cleaning process of electrolysis.

Medical Latex Gloves & Safety Glasses

Medical Latex Gloves & Safety Glasses

When the electrolyte gets onto your eyes, immediately wash it off with lots of water, and if any pain does not go away, seek medical attention.

If you use acid or lye for the electrolyte, you MUST protect your eyes with protective goggles and your skin with a full face shield. If you get acid or lye in your eyes you can be blinded! It is best not to use harmful chemicals at all. Remarkable results in electrolytic coin cleaning can be easily achieved with just regular baking soda.

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