Treasure Hunting Trip To Kostivskoe Village (Story 3)

All "Hammered" Sites Can Yield Some Nice "Leftovers"

I decided to search the dirt along the road - the only spot where some good targets would be possibly left by other metaldetectorists. As soon as I started swinging the coil, was rewarded by a few solid signals. But those were all signals I received at the spot.

My Finds Dug At The Roadside

Finds Dug At Roadside

Lead Bale Seal

Lead Bale Seal

A Medieval Ring

A Medieval Signet

Another Ring

A Ringlet

Then we searched the spot for a while without getting any good signals. So we moved further into the field where a potentially Hot spot could be. Right away, we began getting coin signals and dug up a few Keepers before the heavy rain scared us away. I used Slava's Garrett search coil as a background for the finds' picture.

Finds Of The Day

Finds Of The Day

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