Camping at the Ghost Monastery Site

My friends and I were very excited to begin metal detecting right away but we had to set up our camp first and prepare a dinner. We chose a nice spot for our camp in the forest nearby.

Our Camp Site

It did not take us long to prepare Sergei's favorite outdoor meal: instant noodles with canned meat, and tea. Everyone was impatient waiting for the water to boil in the mess-tin - the treasures were awaiting nearby!. The after-dinner tea was consumed faster than ever.

Consuming Dinner Fast

Then came time to play with dirt. The Nunnery and surrounding fields were just inviting!

Perfect Metal Detecting Site

Despite the late hours and overcast sky, we were ready to try our luck! I set up my camera on a tree stump and took a picture of us before we would knock ourselves out.

Natasha, Vadim, And I

Treasure Hunters Ready

Armed with two shovels and my Explorer XS with extra 7-1/4 inches search coil, we started searching right at the edge of the field and slowly moved towards the monastery, a village center. I quickly explained the basics of metal detecting and the nature of signals to my friends and they took their turns in swinging the coil.

Natasha's First Time With Metal Detector

Metal Detecting First Time

So Was Vadim's

Vadim's First Time Metal Detecting

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