Metal Detecting Relics & Coins in Finland

Best Finds Made by Markus and Tapio, page 1

The following pictures show the relic and coin finds made by Markus and his cousin Tapio in south-eastern Finland.

This is Finland

Finnish Landscape

Finland's total area is 338,144 km² (130,558 square miles) which is larger than New Mexico but smaller than Montana. Finland is not an easy area for metal detecting because 69% of it is forest, 10% is water, only 8% is cultivated land and 13% is "other." Nearly a quarter of the land area lies north of the Arctic Circle.

Finland consists of four geographic regions: archipelago Finland - the rocky islands, coastal Finland with broad clay plains (used for agriculture and dairy farming), the interior Finnish lake district (at least 55,000 lakes) with extensive forests, and Upland Finland covered by Arctic scrub.

Map of Scandinavia

Scandinavia Map: Norway, Sweden, Finland, Baltics, Denmark and Russia

Markus and Tapio live in the Lake district which is perhaps what most foreigners think of when they imagine Finland. The hilly, forest-covered landscape of the lake plateau is dominated by drumlins (elongated whale-shaped hills) and by long sinuous eskers (long winding ridges of stratified sand and gravel), both glacial remnants. The district is bounded to the south by the ridges.

In Northern Savonia Region

View from Mountain

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