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Metal Detecting Strategy for 'Hunted Out' Site with Cellar Holes

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E) Outskirts of the site, which include the areas outside the site's perimeter outlined by the stone walls, and along the brooks that flow nearby.

Brook Near Metal Detecting Site

The site's outskirts always yield a variety of valuable finds besides coins. And these areas are easy to search as they do not content a lot of trash. All you have to do is just to be patient searching the area for a good solid signal. This half of the 1812 War artillery 2nd regiment Cap Plate was recovered at the brook's bank:

1812 War Artillery 2nd Regiment Cap Plate

When you come across the "hot" spot and start finding a few coins, buttons, etc., first "hammer" the spot in a "spiral search pattern", i.e. sweep your search coil while circling around a hole of the last recovered target and widening the search area with each new circle. After you deplete the spot of all good signals, begin working on the bad ones - dig up the iron targets and then recover more coins that were buried under them. And you better use the "Scan Deeper Layers" technique (described on previous page) to get more good stuff!

If you stay disciplined and search the former homestead sites systematically, one at a time, you will experience the same thrill of valuable discoveries as the thrill the pioneers of metal detecting experienced back in the 1970s! You will unearth the same or larger amount of coins and other valuables at these same hunt sites!

US Silver Dimes Found with Detector

If you have developed your own productive metal detecting technique for searching Cellar Holes and would like to share it with everybody, please e-mail me your info with pictures, and I will post them here! Any comments also are welcome!

Woodstock Historical Society Plaque
I'm Standing Next To Woodstock Historical Society Plaque, 2014

metal Detecting in Upstate New York
Treasure Hunting in Upstate New York

Happy Hunting!

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