How To Identify & Interpret Cyrillic Numerals on Russian Coins of Peter I

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Part 3: Interpret Cyrillic Numeral Dates & Their Varieties by Using a Conversion Table of Julian Date Equivalents

In the Conversion Table below, some Cyrillic numerals are shown in two forms: in block letters and in cursive writing. The latter depicts the numerals exactly how they appear on the silver wire hammered coins. To quickly find any particular numeral in the table, use the last one or two symbols positioned after Ψ in the numeral. They are the key-symbols for date conversion.

Conversion Table II: Cyrillic Numeral Dates on Coins of Peter I & Their Arabic Numerical Equivalents

Conversion Table II: Cyrillic Numeral Dates on Coins of Peter I and Their Arabic Numerical Equivalents

Part 4: Converting Pre-1700 Russian Cyrillic Numeral Dates into Julian/Gregorian Dates By Simple Formula

If you do not have a conversion table or other means of converting the Old Cyrillic numerals into Julian/Gregorian dates at hand, but the numeral is expressed in Arabic numerals (often in old books), you can make a conversion by using a simple formula:

Formula To Convert Cyrillic Numeral Into Julian Gregorian Date
A - Cyrillic numeral written in Arabic numbers;

5508 - a number of years that had elapsed "from the Creation of the World" until the "Birth of Jesus" ("Nativity of Christ");

B - Julian date;

For example, if you have a numeral 7207 (in "old chronology"), you make a subtraction: 7207 - 5508 = 1699.

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