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Lake Baikal

Because of its magnitude alone the lake is known as one of the earth's most impressive natural wonders. The size of Lake Baikal is so incredible that it would take all of the rivers on earth combined an entire year to fill it. As another point of comparison, if Lake Baikal was to be drained, it would take all Great Lakes of the United States, Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie, and Ontario, to refill the empty enormous bowl.

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Lake Baikal Brief Statistical and Historical Facts:

Lake Baikal is called the "Pearl of Siberia." It holds 20 % of the earth's unfrozen fresh water and harbors more endemic species of plants and animals than any other lake in the world. Fed by 336 rivers and streams including the Angara, Barguzin, Selenga, Turka and Snezhnaya, the lake holds fifty species of fish including bullhead, sturgeon and omul.

The length of the coastline is about 2,100 km. There are 30 rocky islands on the lake, the biggest one being Olkhon Island. According to the legend, Olkhon Island is the birthplace of Mongolian ruler Genghis Khan. Baikal is the largest lake in EurAsia, and it is the deepest lake in the world (1,620 metres).

The lake is surrounded with wild mountains and rivers - that makes the Lake Baikal region an ideal area for outdoor activities such as hunting, hiking, climbing, rafting, kayaking, skiing, and nature photography.

Lake Baikal remains a crossroads of many Asian cultures, combined with European cultural influences, where native Sayats still herd reindeer and Buryat people live according to their old customs. The region is in close proximity to Mongolia and its ancient culture.

For a long time Baikal attracted people of different cultures and backgrounds from around the world: travelers, archeologists, historians, geographers and biologists. The mystery of the lake and its beauty give people an inspiration and spiritual comfort.

Impressed by The Great Puzzle of the Planet or The Bright Eye of the Earth, any one can regain a feeling of being in harmony with nature unspoiled by civilization.

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