Ancient & Medieval Relic Hunting in Russia

Bronze Age Relics Discovered by Treasure Hunter Andrei

Andrei Metal Detects in Kirov Region, Russia

Andrei Metal Detects in Kirov Region, Russia

The following pictures show some of the ancient and medieval relic finds, circa II BC - VIII AD, made by Andrei who has been metal detecting in Russia since 2002.

Bronze Age Battle Hatchet

Ancient Sarmatian Bronze Battle Hatchet Axe

Bronze Belt Stud, Lomovatov Culture Stud, Perm Animal Style

Bronze Zoomorphic Stud Perm Animal Style

Bronze Zoomorphic Pendant & Arrowheads, circa 2nd-8th Centuries

Bronze Zoomorphic Fibula & Arrowheads

Bronze and Iron Medieval Artifacts, circa 5th-8th Centuries

Bronze Medieval Artefacts & Iron Arrowheads

Bronze Zoomorphic Pendants, circa 5th-8th Centuries

Bronze Celt and Zoomorphic Pendants

White Bronze Belt Fittings & Studs, circa 5th-8th Centuries

White Bronze Belt Fittings Studs

Bronze Zoomorphic Pendants, circa 8th-10th Centuries

Bronze Zoomorphic Pendants Radanov Culture

Bronze Fibula and Shoe Buckles, circa 5th-8th Centuries

Bronze Fibula & Shoe Buckles

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