Relic Hunting & Coin Shooting in Finland

Metal Detecting Finds Made by Ossi

The following pictures show the relic and coin finds made by Ossi in Finland. Ossi lives on a farm where he metal detects in his spare time from farming.

Location of Finland Where Ossi Metal Detects

Map of Scandinavia and Northern Europe

Swedish Copper Plate Money, circa 18th Century, and Russian Brass-Cast Pectoral Icon

Swedish Plate Money, ca. 18th Century

Swedish 1/4 & 1/6 Ore Coins, Klippe (square coin) and Russian Imperial Coins

Coinage of Swedish Kingdom and Imperial Russia

Early Russian "Wire Money" or "Fish Scale" - Silver 1 Kopek, circa pre-1547

Early Russian Wire Money, ca. pre-1547

For numismatic history, descriptions and specifications of the medieval Russian wire coins, visit my Photo Gallery of Wire Money.

Assortment of Badges

Assortment of Badges

Copper Saddle Plate with Leather Remains on Back

Copper Saddle Plate with Horse Head Design

Brass Bridal Rosette

Brass Bridal Rosette with Horse Head Design

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