UK Metal Detecting Finds Made in East Lincolnshire

Late Medieval & Roman Artifacts Found by Treasure Hunter Dave, page 11

47) Small Cannon Ball was found in the area near a ruined castle. It is probably of the English Civil War period(1640s A.D.).

Small Cannon Ball of English Civil War Period

48) Jewel: "I was particularly pleased to find this - not because I think it's a real diamond, but because of the tiny amount of metal involved, and the ability of the detector (Fisher 1236-X2) to locate it. I think it could be the head of an Edwardian period "Gentleman's stick-pin", circa early 20th century.

Edwardian Gentleman's Stick-Pin Jewel

49) Livery Buttons displaying various motifs and crests, circa 19th century.

Livery Buttons Selection

50) Strap-End Buckles with copper-alloy horned loops, circa 13th Century.

Strap-End Buckles with Copper-Alloy Horned Loops, circa 13th Century

51) Roman Rumbler Bell: Cast copper-alloy cone-shaped bell, circa wide date range - throughout Roman period.

Roman Rumbler Bell

52) Ring Brooch - a Medieval (14th.Century) ring brooch, complete with pin and elaborate decoration. They surely don't come much smaller!

Medieval (14th.Century) Ring Brooch Fibula

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