UK Metal Detecting Finds Made in East Lincolnshire

Late Medieval Coins & Artifacts Found by Treasure Hunter Dave, page 10

42) Silver Finger Ring with quatre-foil design, circa 16th/17th Century?

Silver Finger Ring with Quatre-Foil Design

43) Silver Groat of Mary - "Veritas Temporis Filia". Mary's nickname "Bloody Mary" resulted from cruel persecution of Protestants during Mary's brief reign (1553-58).

Silver Groat of Mary - Veritas Temporis Filia

44) Silver Pendant in the form of a cross, circa post-mediaeval (probably 1600s A.D.). It was complete when found on a beach near low tide mark with the C-Scope 990B, but one of the arms of the cross later was lost.

Silver Pendant in Form of A Cross

45) Selection of Harness & Belt Decorative Studs, circa Post-medieval (16th-19th centuries).

Selection of Harness & Belt Decorative Studs, circa Post-Medieval (16th-19th centuries)

46) Bronze Cavalry Spur Fragment. The spur is known as a prick-spur or rivet-spur, with ferrous remains of the spike, circa Roman period (4th Century A.D.). "When first found, in thick mud, I thought it was a Saxon brooch!"

A Fragment of a Roman Bronze Cavalry Spur - Prick-spur or Rivet-spur

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