UK Metal Detecting Finds Made in East Lincolnshire

Paleolithic, Neolithic & Roman Finds Recovered by Treasure Hunter Dave, page 12

53) Roman Animal Pendant: small cast of a copper-alloy figure (most likely a lion), circa Roman period.

Roman Animal Lion Pendant

54) Roman Coin (Reverse) - Bronze AE3 of the Constantine period, circa 4th century A.D., depicting two captives sitting beaneath a Roman trophy. Legend: VIRTVS EXERCIT. Mint: Treviri (Trier, Germany).

Roman Coin (Reverse) - Bronze AE3 of Constantine Period

55) Roman Brooch or Fibula, circa 1st Century A.D.

Roman Brooch or Fibula

56) Palaeolithic Flint Hand-Axe: eye's only find!

Palaeolithic Flint Hand-Axe

57) Neolithic Flint Knife: Stone Age plano-convex knife. Another "eyes-only" discovery.

Neolithic Flint Knife

58) Roman Trumpet Mouthpiece

Roman Trumpet Mouthpiece

59) Gold Stater: "The second of my two Iron Age gold staters, both found the same year! This one is a Corieltauvi North East Coast type, circa 75-30 B.C.

Gold Stater of Corieltauvi North East Coast Type

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