Metal Detecting in Lincolnshire, UK

Late Medieval Coins & Artifacts Found by Dave, page 2

2) Silver Penny of Henry II, voided short-cross (York mint - moneyer Gerard). This is my first find of 2012 with the XP Goldmaxx Power metal detector.

Silver Penny, Henry II, Voided Short-Cross, York Mint, Moneyer Gerard

3) Silver Belt Fitting - military silver belt clasp from period of George III, found at rally with the Fisher 1265X.

Silver Belt Fitting Military Silver Belt Clasp from Period of George III

4) Roman Disc Brooch retains some blue and yellow enamelling, found with the Fisher 1265X.

Roman Disc Brooch

5) Ampulla - Mediaeval Pilgrim's lead ampulla, found with the Fisher 1265X.

Mediaeval Pilgrim's Lead Ampulla

6) Triskele Brooches - Romano-Celtic Triskele brooches with traces of enamelling, found with the Fisher 1236-X2. I found one of them at exactly the same moment as my treasure hunting partner Richard found the other one about 100 yards/metres away. How coincidental is that?

Romano-Celtic Triskele Brooches

7) Harness Pendant - Medieval copper-alloy quatre-lobed horse harness pendant, circa 14th century, a lion statent-gardant, found with the Fisher 1265X.

Medieval Copper-alloy Quatre-lobed Harness Pendant, circa 14th century

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