Metal Detecting in East Lincolnshire, England

Silver & Gold Coins & Medieval Artifacts Found by Treasure Hunter Dave, page 3

8) Large Mediaeval Key, lozenge-shaped bow, found with the Fisher 1236-X2.

Large Mediaeval Key Lozenge-shaped Bow

9) Silver Half-Groat - Profile issue of Henry VIII (obverse), found with the Fisher 1236-X2.

Obverse of Silver Half-Groat, Profile Issue of Henry V111

10) Gold Stater - Obverse and Reverse of Corieltauvi Gold Stater (South Ferriby type), circa 100 BC. It was found with the Fisher 1265X in the springtime of 1998, and my second (and last, so far?) North east coast type was found in December of the same year.

Corieltauvi Gold Stater, South Ferriby Type

11) Vessel Rim - an interesting item, maybe Medieval, found with the Fisher 1265X in a clay hole well below the normal low tide mark, in the locally accepted area of a submerged village. There was a further (larger} target which I was unable to retrieve due to a sudden incoming tide. Perhaps a container which was part of this object? To my knowledge, it has not been cleared by the sea since 1987. Handle is silver, mounts are brass, 'broken' rim is pewter.

Vessel Rim

12) Silver Penny (two sceptres type) of William I (Conqueror) - obverse and reverse, Oxford mint Brihtraed (part of small group - now in British Museum), found with the Fisher 1236-X2.

Silver Penny, Two Sceptres Type, William I (Conqueror), Oxford mint Brihtraed

13) Copper-alloy Belt Fitting or Harness Strap Fitting - Openwork appears (to me!) to be Saxon, but the face looks to be Medieval. I found it in two parts, but obviously matching. There are still small fragments of leather trapped in the clips on the reverse. (found with Fisher 1265X)

Copper-alloy Belt or Harness Strap Fitting Openwork Saxon or Medieval

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