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How To Enhance Copper Coin Features & Improve Coin Appearance

6) Enhance Coin Features with Eraser

As all my coins have turned dark-blue in the tarnishing compound, their features are barely visible. The best means of enhancing coin design is to apply a hard erasing rubber with an edge. Sometimes I use erasers of different shapes and hardness in order to enhance either all coin features at once or one feature at a time. NOTE: The hard erasers should not be applied to a coin with smooth and shiny surface because they will leave a zillion of microscopic scratches on it; thus, ruining it completely.

Rubbing the Coin with Eraser

Enhancing Coin's Design by Eraser

Finally the coin's design "comes forward", and the coin is ready to be displayed.

Obverse of 1750 Denga Coin Before & After Enhancing Its Features

Copper Coin Before & After Patination

The rest of the coins were treated the same way, and they all came out nice, considering their condition. Because copper retarnishes very quickly, the features of any copper coin that was treated by this method will darken over time.

To preserve the appearance of your coin, you may want to cover it with oils that are especially designed for preserving coins. If such protective oil (sold in any coin collector's shop) is not readily available, you can "shield" your coin with mineral or olive oils (you can find more information on preservation of coins here). If you do not want to bother with "oiling" the coin, its appearance can be easily restored by rubbing the coin with a soft eraser every now and then.

Same Coins (shown on page 3) After Being Patinated and Rubbed with Eraser

Patinated Coins

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