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Fast Method for Cleaning Copper Coins: Step 4

4) Brush Coins with a Toothbrush and Toothpaste

Now it is important to clean the brown-reddish substance - the product of chemical reaction between Ammonia and copper sulfate, off the coins' surface. Brushing with toothpaste effectively gets the job done.

Toothbrushing Treated Depatinated Coins

Now the copper coins are ready for the next step - tarnishing or artificial patinating.

Coins Depatinated by Ammonia Solution

Only coins with visible relief should be chosen for patination. The worn coins should be left alone at this point since they have no relief to enhance and will simply change their color from red to dark brown; thus, becoming unidentifiable.

A Smaller Group of Coins Chosen for Patination

Coins chosen for Patination

Particularly, my tutorial's focus is on this 1750 Denga coin which has a good relief and is not a rare specimen.

1750 Denga Coin Depatinated

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