How To Straighten Bent Silver Coin - Tutorial, page 2

Simple Technique for Unbending Bent Coins Without Special Tools & Annealing

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• Now I carefully sandwiched the knife's blade between the plastic sheets.

Straighten Bent Silver Hammered Coin Using Plastic Knife - Step 4

• By taking advantage of the blade shape - the blade's hard back thickens up twoards a handle, I slowly slid the blade between the plastic sheets; thus, opening the fold a little.

Use Thicker Edge of Plastic Knife To Unbend Thin-Sectioned Silver Hammered Coin - Step 5

• After I opened the fold, I could retrieve the second coin fragment (along with ancient dirt) from the fold. Since the second piece was flat, all I did was just cleaning and preserving it.

Second Coin's Fragment Was Freed - Step 6

• To open the fold more, I placed the knife's blade inside - its back against the bend, as shown on a picture below, and slowly moved it all the way through.

Continue Using Thick Edge of Plastic Knife to Unbend Thin-Sectioned Silver Hammered Coin - Step 7

By now I have successfully accomplished the most difficult part of the process - opening and widening a gap.

Silver Hammered Coin Is Unbent Half Way

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