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Simple & Quick Method for Cleaning Coins: Step 2 - Brushing, Step 3 - Immersion in Lemon Acid Bath

2) Brush Your Silver Coin Lightly with a Soft Toothbrush Under Running Water

Great care must be exercised here as the coin might be scratched by loose tiny stone particles that may be still present on the coin's surface. Whether fare amount of toothpaste should be applied or not is up to your judgment. Toothpaste may prevent sand or small stone particles from easily running away with water.

3) Immerse Your Coin into Lemon Acid Solution

Lemon acid is sold in white powder form and can be found in the "Baking Supplies" section of any supermarket. The Lemon Acid solution is prepared by dissolving 1 part of Lemon Acid in 9 parts of water. In other words, if you need 100 grams of Lemon Acid solution, you dissolve 10 grams of acid in 90 grams of water. As both the exact proportions and timing are not crucial in this method, you can use Lemon Juice to achieve the same results.

Silver Coin is Immersed into Lemon Acid Solution

Soaking Silver Coin in Lemon Acid Juice

Silver coins can be immersed in the solution from 15 minutes to twenty hours. As lemon acid is too weak to affect the coin metal, it will only dissolve all salts on the coin's surface. The process begins immediately and is evidenced by changing color of the solution, from clear to light green.

Lemon Acid Dissolves Coin Patina

If you place a few silver coins into the solution, make sure the coins do not touch or lie on top of each other.

Immersing A Few Silver Hammered Coins in Lemon Acid Solution

Adding More Silver Hammered Coins into Lemon Acid Solution

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