Useful Web Sites

Don's Largest Collection of Full Color Coin Images in the World
Great Numizmatic Site to ID Any Coin Or Token
Site On Colonial Coins
Spanish Coins and Artifacts
Online Reference, Attribution, and Evaluation for Ancient Roman, Greek, and Byzantine Coins
Great Website on Canadian Currency
Canadian Buttons

Waterproof Camera Reviews
Great Website on Digital Coin Photography
Classic Bells
Lock Collectors
Common Inquiries and Answers From the Silver Forum
John Maddock Porcelain Stamps
Ceramic, Pottery, and China Database
Antique Buckles
Roman Buckles
Motorcycle-Fairing Sets For Motorcycles

Preservation Of Finds:
Methods of Iron Conservation

US Maps:
State GIS Data Centers
Historic maps of New England
Historic maps of New York State

US Topographical Maps:
Soviet Topographic Map Symbols (in English)

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