Nautilus DMC II Reviews, Price and Specifications

All-Purpose Land Metal Detector

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Nautilus DMC II


  • DMC stands for 'Dual Mode Circuit' and in effect it is two detectors operating at the same time; a non-motion ground cancelling All Metal detector and a motion discriminator. The DMC II is a dual mode detector for use in highly mineralized soil where maximum performance is required in all-metal and discrimination modes.
  • Operating Frequency: 14 kHz
  • Search modes:
    Ground Reject Discriminate (motion)
    Non-Motion Discrimination
    Non-Motion Ground Balance
  • Controls:
    Discrimination 8 to 1 Vernier Dial
    Ground Balance 8 to 1 Vernier Dial
    Discrimination Sensitivity
    Ground Balance Sensitivity
  • Switches: on/off, Mode, Auto-Tune, and P.B. Tune
  • Audio:
    Ground reject Discrimination = 950 HZ
    Non-Motion Discriminate
    Non-Motion Ground Balance = 240 HZ
  • Power Output: Fixed
  • Search Coils: 8" Standard, Optional: 6", 10" and 15"
    Heads are Field interchangeable on same models.
  • Power Pack: Four 4 x 9 Volt Transistor Batteries,
    Optional: Rechargeable Battery System
  • Physical Configurations:
    Telescopic Handle in "S" or "U" choice
    Grey Enclosure
  • Padded Headphones
  • Weight: 4.3 to 4.5 lbs.