XP WS-1 Wireless Headphones Reviews, Price and Specifications

Earclip Headphones for Gold Maxx Power

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XP WS-1 Wireless Headphones


  • Two switchable channels (Ch1/Ch2) to stop interference between detectors (two users with the same channel can detect distant of 15 metres without interference)
  • Foldable and Compact Backphone type wireless headphone
  • Miniaturised electronics with two microprocessors: one for transmission and one for reception, enabling a wireless digital connection.
  • Sound quality matches wired headphones
  • Digital microprocessor transmission with no white noise or background hiss
  • The receiver earpiece features an audio amplifier and two tactile keys to set the volume, and the setting is memorised for future use.
  • Lightweight: only 70g (battery included)
  • The headphones feature a charger connector and 3.5 mm audio socket to connect it to any other headphones, and you can then place the receiver in your shirt pocket, for example.
  • Battery: Built-in extra flat rechargeable Lithium battery (7g), without memory effect
  • Battery Life: 50 hours
  • Fast Lithium charger: 2 hours
  • Charge monitoring system and full charge LED
  • No external unit and no additional power supply for the radio transmitter, as it is already directly integrated into XP detectors' circuit boards: ADX250-ADVENTIS II, GMAXX II and GOLDMAXX POWER (Available as an option for most previous XP models)
  • Splashproof: with seals moulded to its profile and end caps, the WS1 is splashproof, and headphone speakers are made of MYLAR and are also splashproof.
  • The headphone's earpiece, which holds the miniature radio receiver and the Lithium battery, is fully independent and can be removed, and you can replace the backphone without having to purchase a new earpiece and vice versa.