Fisher 1225-X Reviews, Price and Specifications

All-Purpose Land Metal Detector

Retail Price: $299.95

Number of Reviews: 2

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Fisher 1225-X


  • Automatic ground rejection and tuning
  • Silent, no-threshold operation
  • VLF-slow motion discrimination
  • Push-button, zero-motion pinpointing
  • Patented double derivative electronics
  • Optional 3-3/4" and 11" coils
  • Full range discrimination and sensitivity controls
  • Built-in detector stand
  • Only two knobs and a push button
  • 2 Drop-in 9-volt batteries
  • 40-50 hours of battery life
  • Weight: 3 lbs
  • Limited 5 Year Warranty

Good as Gold

EK Goldmining in Ecuador - best

The 1225-X is good as Gold. I found a lot of it on the beaches. This machine is also simple to use.

Dec 30, 2017
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My first detector

Americo in Abruzzo, ITALY - best

Hi, I'm an Italian detectorist since 1994, and my first machine was a Fisher 1225 with 10" coil. I found many coins and relics with this simple but very performing machine. Good discrimination and depth. Maybe battery life is too short.

Jul 30, 2010
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