FriskerPRO Reviews, Price and Specifications

Hand Worn/Hand Held Metal Detector/Physical Search Enhancement Tool

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  • ON and OFF push switches
  • Positive ON and OFF vibration indication
  • Secure factory settings
  • Simply slide the FriskerPRO on and begin to search
  • Will detect:
    a 0.50 inch diameter x 0.05 copper disk at 1.0 inch distance
    small wire objects at 0.50 inch distance
    larger objects such as a knife or pistol at 2.5 inches (depending on alloy)
    a safety pin or staple concealed in a prisoner's mouth
    a shank tucked into a suspects sock or any other area of the body
  • Small items that are secreted on or in individuals, such as a handcuff key, are easily detected
  • Battery: Single 9 volt battery
  • Provides up to 3 months normal use
  • Early low battery indicator, alerts the user before the battery dies
  • No tools needed to change the battery
  • Operating Frequency: 16 Pulses per second
  • Tuning: Automatic, no adjusting required
  • Transmitted Power: Current pulse from 9 volt capacitor bank charging from the 9 volt battery
  • Audio: There are no lights, bells or whistles built in the FriskerPRO
    When metal is detected, the FriskerPRO simply vibrates, alerting the user metal has been detected
  • Weather Resistance: The FriskerPRO is rugged, splash and salt water resistant
  • Size: One size fits all, male or female, right hand or left hand
    Straps to the back portion of the hand and palm by an adjustable black elastic strap fits all men and women's hand sizes
  • Dimensions: Width: 3 inches (7cm)
    Thickness: 3/4 inches (2cm)
    Length: As wide as the back of your hand (approx 4 inches)
  • Weight: 2.2 ounces without battery (62.3 grams)
  • Warranty: One year "no hassle warranty"