White's Surf PI Dual Field Reviews, Price and Specifications

Water/Land Pulse Induction (PI) Metal Detector

Retail Price: $899.95

Number of Reviews: 6

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White's Surf PI Dual Field


  • Adjustable Pulse Delay reduces black sand "noise." Quiet beaches - more targets
  • 12 x 6" Dual coil design that offers superb sensitivity on all targets
  • Exceptional depth on coins and jewelry, especially in saltwater and mineralized ground
  • Enhanced sensitivity to gold jewelry at maximum depths
  • Gain control adjusts for any particular beach conditions
  • Quick Target Recovery so you hear good targets even mixed in with junk
  • Tuner Control adjusts the threshold tone and checks battery strength
  • Automatic Ground Rejection
  • Completely waterproof to 100 feet
  • Near-neutral loop buoyancy
  • Power Supply: 8 AA batteries for up to 25 hours of hunting
  • Headphones are hardwired into the unit, not removable

Stable In Saltwater

Beach Kid in Florida - best

I really find this machine to be very stable in the salt water. It goes deep and is easy to pinpoint. Going from the wetsand to surf is flawless. It is PI and you will dig alot. It is not a machine you should judge after a few weeks of use. It takes at least ten times out to really begin to understand all the differnt ways you can set this machine. A couple good books out there on this machine. I would really advise you to get one of these books. After this detector is mastered, it gets more then any other machine, better then any VLF or 17Freq. machines in the water and wet sand. The price is very low for what your getting. If it would need service it has a great 2 year warranty which is also transferable!

Sep 11, 2011
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First Find

Robert in Austrailia - best

My very first find with Whites PI was a 22ct gold, half carrot diamond ring, valued at 4,000 dollars. What a first find! Plus other small rings, and lots of coins. I love my metal detector!

Feb 17, 2011
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Bought Jan 29 2010, used once so far.

Mason in Hollywood, CA - best

I used it in Venice Beach, CA, for the first time. No great finds yet, however I easily received strong signals to small pieces of steel the size of a half needle buried 6" to 12" down. I also found bobbie pins just like others said I would. I had some signals that I could not dig down enough at the time to find the source! It was over 2 ft down. I would definatly recommend a waterproof unit like this for the beach. Even if you don't go in the water, it will keep sand out of your control box. I plan to try gold prospecting soon, as this is a pulse unit, it might work well... I will post how that goes. Don't forget: American made, American workers get paid. This may be a deciding factor for you as well.

Feb 01, 2011
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Superb Beach Machine


This is the deepest and stable machine for the beach you will find without a doubt. It looks deceivingly simple at first, as you will find no fancy gadgetry. This machine has just real honest performance, and that is all you need when your out there hunting. There is no discrimination so you will have to investigate every signal. It operates superbly in both wet and dry sand. If you are after the two important features, this machine has it.

Sep 07, 2010
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Simply The Best

Rey in Caribbean - best

This baby goes ridiculously deep, rusted hair pins @ 12"+! I had to give up a few times wading in chest deep water because I ended up neck deep DIGGING!
Got a gold ring @ about 12" mark very loud, I dread faint signals. You remove the first scoop full, then it starts getting louder the deeper you go!
If you don't want to miss a target and is prepared to dig it all, this is your Machine.
P.S. My settings are: sensitivity to full, no pulse, & threshold just below the factory setting.
Happy Hunting :-)

Aug 14, 2010
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A mixed blessing!

Marion in Swansea , Wales - three stars

As my husband loves pulse machines that tend to be on the heavy side for me and I hate chestmounts, this Whites seemed the ideal choice.
Many reports suggested exceptional depth but the real attraction for me was its ability to be swept swiftly as I wanted to cover ground at speed on the wet sand. But when I needed a slow sweep in water, I had my first disappointment: to get the best depth, I needed to sweep fairly fast.
Performancewise claims of 20 to 24 inches have been made with "consistant finds at 18 inches". Not with mine. I was on the point of sending it to Whites for a check up but was lucky to meet up with some other D.F. users finding the same thing. Meanwhile my husband with a 15 year old P.I. was running rings round me.
The main problem is that it doesn't ignore black sand or mineralised ground. You can adjust the controls to make things better, but this causes lack of depth. It has a SAT control (self adjusting threshold) but this is not adjustable. An adjustable one would make dealing with difficult ground possible without the penalty the D.F. suffers. You can also sharpen up the pinpointing to the point that a buried item can be traced out. This makes it much easier to I.D. rubbish without digging.
This detector is rather noisy with a none to stable threshold. Drop the audio down to improve things, and performance drops.
I used it on land or beach to find thin items such as hammered silver coins, but detecting depth is poor and limited to the small inner coil at about 3 inches down. This does not help if you are trying to search a large area! Not exactly what is wanted in Europe. A 14" gold chain (not a fine one) that my husband found didn't give any response. I folded and refolded it. No better. I rolled it into a ball and still got nothing.
Silver coins lack in depth compared to cupronickle of the same size.

To sum up, I was disappointed because I had used better P.I.'s and could not match claimed performance figures; though Whites themselves called them optimistic.
Battery life is good and the batteries are easy to fit. And there is not the worry of the older Whites that had a thin black rubber seal that could fall out and remain unseen on a carpet. The dual coil is lighter than I thought, and I would rather have it that way than have a fully weighted diving coil. You can always add a sock full of sand to it when detecting in the water.
Built quality is good, and there's a two year warranty rather the one that some companies apply to their water models. Paint seems a little soft. There's a slight mark where the coil cable wraps up the stem.
Will I keep it? The 24 thousand dollar question. There's not much else that is waterproof in this price range. If I sell it, I would get nothing like what I paid out back, although it's mint except for the mark on the shaft. This week, a 15-hour-use one was sold on E-Bay for £400, and another one on Free Ads under six months old was sold for £350 which is about half of the U.K. dealers price of £699. Its a lot of money to drop in a very short period.

Aug 02, 2010
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