Fiskars Folding Spade Shovel Reviews, Price and Specifications

Recovery/Camping Shovel

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Fiskars Folding Spade Shovel


  • Fiskars Folding Spade (made by Fiskars in Finland) is a modern rendition of the G.I. style folding spade and is NATO approved.
  • The "D" style handle more comfortable to use than the straight handle of the Glock, but others may well prefer the straight handle.
  • The spade is 23 inches long when open, with an eight inch blade.
  • The blade is slightly compromised in depth because the hinge extends approximately 1-3/4 inches into the spade face, but for 99% of situations this is not going to cause a problem.
  • It folds into a relatively compact package (9 1/2 x 6 1/4 x 2 inches), but is fairly heavy at 36.5 oz.