Fiskars Folding Spade Shovel Reviews, Price and Specifications

Recovery/Camping Shovel

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Fiskars Folding Spade (made by Fiskars in Finland) is a modern rendition of the G.I. style folding spade and is NATO approved. The "D" style handle more comfortable to use than the straight handle of the Glock, but others may well prefer the straight handle.
The spade is 23 inches long when open, with an eight inch blade. The blade is slightly compromised in depth because the hinge extends approximately 1-3/4 inches into the spade face, but for 99% of situations this is not going to cause a problem. It folds into a relatively compact package (9 1/2 x 6 1/4 x 2 inches), but is fairly heavy at 36.5 oz.