Sun Ray S-1 Super Target Probe Reviews, Price and Specifications

Detector-Mounted Probe

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Sun Ray S-1 Super Target Probe


  • Accurate "Bulls eye" pinpointing on coin size targets up to 3" deep in all metal mode
  • Accurate visual ID when used with Sun Ray or Minelab digital meter
  • Uses the Elite's BBS circuitry to cancel ground effects and reject most hot rocks
  • No buzzers or lights necessary
  • All target responses come directly through your headphones
  • No extra batteries required
  • S-1 probe is 1" X 9" long
  • S-1 switch box slides onto the meter mounting bracket and the meter slides onto the top of the S-1 switch box allowing you to see the Minelab meter display easier
  • Allows switching from coil to probe and back with the flip of your thumb
  • Probe is detachable from S-1 switch box for direct insertion to Elite control housing
  • Includes S-1 Probe Clip Attachment for attaching S-1 probe along side arm rest when not in use
  • Ultra Light Weight: 13 oz
  • S-1 switch box connects directly into your Minelab or Sun Ray meter