Minelab SD 2200v2 Reviews, Price and Specifications

Gold Nugget/Prospecting PI Metal Detector

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Weight Complete (excluding battery): 2.4kg (4.8 lbs)
Configuration: Shaftmount
Technology: Multi Period Sensing (MPS)
Ground Rejection: Automatic Ground Balance
Discrimination: Disc or Disc+ID
Automatic Ground Balance
Automatic Discrimination
Automatic Tuning
Boost Amplifier
Tone control
Battery: 6V 15 Ah Gel Cell (10-12 hours)
Coil: 11" Double D
Metal Arm Rest, Neoprene Cover & Strap
Headphones: Stereo/Mono
1/4" Headphone Jack
Coils: 8", 11", 15" x 12" & 18" Monoloop,
10" x 5", 15" & 18" Double D
Car Charger: 12V, Cigarette lighter plug
Mains Charger: 240V; 230V; 110V
2 years Warranty for Electronic Box
1 year Warranty for Coil