Pulse Star II Pro Reviews, Price and Specifications

Deep Seeking Metal Detector

Retail Price: $2,995.00

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Pulse Star II Pro


  • Visual Target Indicator-green light ferrous/red light nonferrous
  • Audio Target Identification by Tone
  • Silent Search or Tone Mode
  • Eliminates Small Objects Automatically
  • Automatically Eliminates Trash
  • Large Search coil 40'X40" standard
  • Audio Tune Knob
  • Sample Delay Switch
  • Silent Mode
  • Retune Mode Automatically Recalls The Previous Preset Calibration.
  • Battery can be checked
  • Small targets and highly mineralized soil can be eliminated
  • The ticking rate can be calibrated in conjunction with the Audio Tune knob.

The Best in Its Class!

Sergei from Upstate NY in Albany, New York USA - best

I have used the Pulse Star II Pro many times during the cache hunting outings and I think this deep seeker is the best in its class. It is reliable, simple in use and versatile. Before using PS2, one must learn and understand the PS2's characteristics and its way of detecting the targets in order to design the most effective "scope of action" and carry it out successfully. For more details and operational tips please read my complete review (copy the link and paste it in your browser window): http://metaldetectingworld.com/pulse_star_2pro.shtml

Mar 06, 2010
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Bang For Your Buck

Mike A in Northeast US - best

I purchased this detector a year ago, along with the universal search loop. After a lot of design trials and errors, I was able to create a very nice way to put it all together, with structural integrity, and portability being a key. Do not forget....No metal parts! While my design is a secret , let's just say it is much more structurally sound and more portable than those you may have seen made famous by a certain meteorite hunter out there. It is a very good system, and overall I have no complaints other than the repeated sweeps required for the discrimination to work properly. This baby really punches deep! All parts seem to be of high quality, and this has been a very reliable unit thus far. I would recommend this system, depending upon its application.

Jun 13, 2008
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