Results of XP Deus Air Test: VDI Values of US Coins and Relics, page 2

Sergei's 100-Target VDI Chart for Designing Productive Search Programs

Below is my 100-Target (US targets) VDI chart for XP Deus followed by a few comments. In this chart, all targets, both "keepers" and junk, are not arranged in groups, such as "Dimes" or "Pull Tabs", like in other VDI charts that you might have seen before.

In my chart, targets of six classes (each is assigned an individual color in a Legend below) are arranged according to their VDI values in ascending order. This arrangement allows for quick visual reference which makes it much easier for any Deus user to figure out the most efficient tonal breakpoints in 3-tone, 4-tone or 5-tone modes of Tonal Discrimination.

NOTE: Please bear in mind that the VDI values of targets shown in my chart were obtained under IDEAL CONDITIONS (no effects of mineralization of any kind and/or surrounding iron content) and, therefore, during actual metal detecting, would be slightly or considerably different depending on real conditions, mild or extreme respectfully, of the ground.

Color Legend for Target VDI Chart

Sergei's 100-Target VDI Chart for XP Deus

  • * - VDI values of dug rusty square nails differ from the VDI's of the rusty square nails still buried underground where they have been for a long while and developed a Halo Effect around them. The Halo effect is the main cause for their unstable VDI's to occupy the upper part, 83-97, of the Conductivity/Discrimination scale.
  • ** - All targets which underwent this type of air-testing were placed next to a rusty square-nail head shown on a previous page.
  • *** - The VDI's of rusty beer bottle caps (also twist-off caps) that are in the ground will be slightly different but will change in the same inversely proportional way as shown in my chart when an operational frequency is changed from high to low.

In fact, my VDI chart contains more than 100 targets that are common for the North-East USA, and more targets with their VDI's can be added! If you metal detect with the Deus in a different region, have created your own VDI chart containing specific targets, such as Civil War uniform buttons, artifacts, private and territorial gold coins, tokens, etc., and you would like to share your chart with others, please do not hesitate to submit it by e-mail!

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