Wire Money - Russian Medieval Hammered Coins, circa 16th Century

Coin Denominations Shown: Kopek ("Novgorodka") and Denga ("Moskovka")

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Wire Kopeck Tsar Ivan IV Wire Kopek Tsar Ivan IV Wire Money Kopeck Tsar Ivan IV Wire Money Kopeck Tsar Ivan IV
17-Kopek, Ivan IV 18-Kopek, Ivan IV 19-Kopek, Ivan IV 20-Kopek, Ivan IV
Kopek Tsar Ivan IV Kopeck Tsar Ivan IV Kopeck Tsar Ivan The Terrible Denga Tsar Ivan IV
21-Kopek, Ivan IV 22-Kopek, Ivan IV 23-Kopek, Ivan IV 24-Denga, Ivan IV

This photo gallery shows the early Russian silver coins called "Wire Money" ("Fish Scales" - "" in Russian) that were hammered at the Novgorod, Pskov, Tver and Moscow mints during the reigns of a few Russian tsars (not all!). The dates of the coins range from 1479 to 1701.

Each image is accompanied with the complete description of the coin's design and the exact cyrillic script of the coin's legend that corresponds to the coin shown according to the catalogue. The depicted wire coins might lack certain details of their design due to the flaws in the crude method of their production, which is described on page 1.

Current prices for Wire Money range from $1 to $6 per coin in Extremely Fine condition at the East-European internet auctions.

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