36- German Russian Liberation Army (ROA) Propaganda Leaflet - Instructions for Turncoats - "Right of Passage"

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German Propaganda Leaflet

This German tactical propaganda leaflet contains instructions for turncoats - soldiers who would go over to the other side and join or surrender. It was printed to be used by Vlasov's Army - Russian Liberation Army (ROA), which fought the Soviets on the German side. This leaflet not only gives instructions on how to cross the front line but also serves as a pass or "Right of Passage."

Leaflet's Text Translation:

"Comrades Soldiers and Commanders!
We, Russian people, have risen to the arms to overthrow the vile tyrant Stalin!
Don't believe the jewish scurrilous libel about the "German atrocities." Go over to our side without a doubt or fear. Help us stop this senseless bloodshed.

We recommend these convenient occasions for turncoats:
1) The closer you are to our positions, the easier it will be for you to go over. That's why vlunteer for being a spotter, front line observer or scout.
2) Also guards, messengers, and patrols can go over effortlessly.
3) Use any opportunity to be a member of reconnaissance team.
4) Many turncoats use the time during our bombardment to cross the neutral zone faster.
5) It's best to go over during a moonless night and under conditions of poor visibility.
6) Also go over during the position change or retreat and fall behind your unit by using any good excuse.
7) Go over at night when getting to the kitchen for food. If your attempt is failed, you could say that you got lost.
8) Go over after the major battle when the commander's attention and supervision are weakened.
9) Try to be included into the assault groups and volunteer for the tasks of destroying a pill box or cutting the barbed-wire.
10) Everything depends on surcumstances and surroundings: use the forest, ravines, ground depressions and vegetation.

To avoid our misreading of your honest intentions, follow these rules:
1) Signal to us by waving a white handkerchief, newspaper or leaflet.
2) Don't get scared or hide at the moment of contact with us.
3) Drop your weapons in good time, put your hands up and stop when called upon.
4) If you are coming as a group, send one or two persons up front to warn us about your approaching. Write your intentions down on the pass.

We will give you a secret signal and advise on how to walk safely through the mine field.
Russian aptitude, strong will and quick action are the keys to successful crossing over!
Soldiers and Commanders of Russian Liberation Army

Pass - Passierschein - "Right of Passage"
This pass is valid for unlimited number of soldiers, commanders and political instructors of the Red Army, who is going over to the side of German Armed Forces."