35- German Propaganda Leaflet - "Germany - a Country of True Socialism!"

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German Propaganda Leaflet

This WW2 German tactical propaganda leaflet depicts new houses provided for German workers and their families by Adolf Hitler. The leaflet's text includes an excerpt from the diary of one Russian journalist.

Leaflet's text translation:

"Germany - a country with true socialism!
(an excerpt from the diary of one Russian journalist)
...The workers' settlement Lipp is right next to the tram stop. One-story and two-story houses with red-tiled roofs are lined up on both sides of the street. Each house has a front yard fenced around by decorative shrubs. There are vegetables, fruit trees and berries growing inside the yard. On the gate to the yard, there is a label with the owner's name - Crakow. We are opening the gate and stepping into the yard. The asphalt path leads to the house. The flowers and shrubs on both sides of the path are in full bloom. The hostess is meeting us at the doorstep of the house. She is inviting us in after we explained who we were. We are checking out the kitchen first, it's shiny clean and equipped with electric stove and refrigirator. In the dining room, there are nice paintings on the walls, a book closet, beautiful wood-carved furniture and a radio. The hostess is telling us that her husband is a house-painter. He earns 200 Marks per month. We are asking, "How much did it cost to have a house like this one?" Her answer is surprising: 2500 Marks. Some of that money were lended to her husband by his employer and then paid off with monthly payments of 20 Marks.

We are thanking the hostess for her hospitality and leaving. While walking through the garden, I'm thinking how is it possible that all German workers, like this house-painter Crakow, live in such good conditions? I'm thinking of Crakow as a lucky guy. We are walking to another house which belongs to a bricklayer. He is making 180 Marks a month. His house is as well kept as Crakow's. Besides, he keeps a couple of sucking-pigs, rabbits and pigeons.

While traveling in Germany, I have visited many houses of workers and seen the same picture: cleanliness, order, wellbeing and financial security of a German worker which lives the life of a wealthy land-owner in comparison to the Soviet worker who shares one room with 6-7 persons.

Red Army soldiers!
In this leaflet, one of your comrades writes about the lives of German workers in the National-Socialist state of Adolf Hitler. Based on this truthful description, you can decide where people live better: in "unhappy" Germany of our days (the way it's been described to you [by the Soviet propaganda]) or in the "happy" state of workers and peasants - the Soviet Union.
The majority of German working population live in the houses like the ones you see on the photo. These houses are designed for one or two families. Now the construction is stopped due to the war but will be resumed when the war is over."