34- WW2 German Propaganda Leaflet - "Right of Passage"

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German Propaganda Leaflet

Many of WW2 German propaganda leaflets, flyers and pamphlets were airdropped or spread over short distances by firing with artillery shells or rockets. This leaflet represents the so-called tactical propaganda type (aims to have an immediate effect on a close by enemy). Due to heavy strain on these papers during airdrops, many were destroyed or heavily damaged by strong winds, rain, snow and anti aircraft guns.

This leaflet fraudulently depicts Russian prisoners of war working enthusiastically in the fields, factories and construction sites in Germany. In reality, approximately 3,600,000 of Russian POWs died or were executed in German captivity during the war.

Leaflet's text translation:
"By contributing our hard labor, we will help defeat Bolsheviks. Victory over bolsheviks - liberation of people of the U.S.S.R.!
They [Russian POWs] responded with general laughter when they were asked, "Would you like to return to the Stalin's heaven?

Pass - Passierschein - "Right of Passage"
This pass is valid for unlimited number of soldiers, commanders and political instructors of the Red Army, who is going over to the side of German Armed Forces."