37- German Tactical Propaganda Leaflet for Turncoats - "Right of Passage"

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German Propaganda Leaflet

Here is the leaflet's text translated:

"The Birch Trees Are Turning Green in Your Homeland...
Now your comrades are enjoying the summer days. Before, they were told that the Germans will treat them badly, will starve them to death or execute. Now they are laughing at those bloodsuckers who had brainwashed them with the horror tales about the conditions of German captivity.
"Your brothers and sisters had become slaves in the areas liberated by Germans," - you were told. But - look at those girls! They are laughing at the chatter of your propaganda machine!
What about you? Do you want to be brainwashed with tales about German horrors any longer?
The birches are turning green in your homeland. Drop your weapon and desert to the Germans! Use this leaflet as a pass, it will serve you as an accompanying letter to your new life!
(This picture is published upon a strong request of your comrades.)
This leaflet is a valid pass for crossing over to the German Armed Forces."