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WELCOME to the unique website created by Sergei from Upstate New York - an experienced international treasure hunter who is truly addicted to the Hobby of Metal Detecting and Treasure Hunting.

Metal Detecting and Treasure Hunting

Introduction and Overview

proficiency level: Expert
last time modified: will help you learn how to do different types of treasure hunting research, how to select the most suitable metal detector for yourself and/or your family members, how to detect on land or underwater, and many more other "how-to's". You will also learn so many metal detecting secrets and useful tips that you will certainly be inspired and excited to go out hunting for treasure as soon as possible. :) Well, if you are reading this, you are most likely ready to experience new adventures and that priceless feeling of discovery!

Whether you are new to the hobby of metal detecting or an experienced metaldetectorist, you might enjoy reading my informative In-Depth Articles on search and recovery techniques, treasure hunting methods, some popular metal detectors and customized search programs for them, and exclusive true stories on treasure hunting in different parts of the world.

Many Benefits Of This Wonderful Hobby Of Metal Detecting

My purpose of creating and maintaining this website is not only to be an ambassador of this great outdoor hobby, but also to introduce public to the hobby's many beneficial aspects: active lifestyle, excitement of discovery, learning of history through research and traveling, developing one's discipline and a strong character, meeting new people and making good friends, traveling to new places, and, most important, learning about your Self.

Learn Basics+ of Metal Detecting from My Articles

If you are a newcomer to this hobby, please start with my guide - Detecting Secrets for Beginners - A Basic Guide To Successful Metal Detecting
This guide contains helpful info on selecting and buying a metal detector, types of metal detecting activities, program settings for metal detectors, basic equipment for successful treasure search, basic map research and other methods of acquiring a good leads, metal detecting techniques, places to metal detect, and more. The guide also includes a few helpful How-To tutorials.

My website also has a section dedicated to the World War II and includes not only articles on WW2 history but also some info on WW2 military relic hunting which has been as popular as coin shooting in many parts of the world.

Informative Sections on My Website

If you are looking for the right metal detector for yourself or your family member, or if you are just upgrading your treasure hunting equipment to the next level, visit My Metal Detectors section first. In this section, there are informative and useful articles about metal detectors that I used in the past and the ones I use now; the XP Deus being one of them.

If you are not sure which metal detector to buy, first visit my detailed guide - Guide To Metal Detecting Activities
This guide will help you choose the right "detector de metal" for your metal detecting tasks. Then read my article - How To Select and Purchase A Metal Detector
And then check out a huge section - Metal Detector Reviews Worldwide
This section will provide you with helpful information - detector reviews and ratings, specifications, features, prices, and images of all metal detectors and treasure hunting tools that are available on the market today!

Search Coil Secrets and Detecting Techniques
- this article contains a wealth of in-depth info including everything about search coils: their types and designs, sizes and their applications, advantages and disadvantages, pinpointing and detecting techniques, and many practical advices and useful tips.

A Complete Guide To Metal Detecting Research
- this guide will help you master the most important part of the hobby and enable you to determine and locate potential treasure hunting sites in your area. There are many forms of research to choose from, and my guide will introduce you to the basic ones, with more focus given to map research and footwork.

Cleaning and Preservation of Coins
- this guide is to help treasure hunters, collectors and everybody else with useful info on cleaning coins and non-ferrous relics which have been found either in the ground or inside an old house, barn, shed, etc.

For cleaning ferrous relics and artifacts by electrolysis, please visit my tutorial - Removing Rust from Iron Artifacts

In the US Coins section of Numismatic Corner, you will find basic numismatic information on the US coins, Spanish Silver Reales, US Tokens 1833-1900 and Canada Bank Tokens.

Have Fun and Excitement Through My Detailed Treasure Hunting Stories

You can learn a lot about cache hunting, coin shooting and relic hunting just from my treasure hunting stories in sections: Metal detecting in USA, Eastern Europe, and UK. A full list of my stories is given in this link-directory: My Metal Detecting Stories

My new articles and tutorials related to metal detecting, metal detectors and accessories are announced on the "Visitors' Corner" page - Recent Additions
This page was created to help visitors easily access my newly added pages. I also announce them on my Twitter page. If you would like to follow me on Twitter (my username is metal_detect), please use a button located at the bottom of this page.

My Best Finds section contains a few short stories on some of my cool treasure hunting finds made in different parts of the world before 2009. Some of my uncommon finds that have been made after 2009 are shown in my recent articles, tutorials and stories.

My Photo Galleries of Finds +

You will find thematic photo galleries of different categories including 'US Silver Coins', 'US Copper Coins', 'Revolutionary War Buttons and Relics', 'Buttons and Relics of 1812 War', 'US Civil War Marked Military Buttons and Relics', 'World Coins 1600-1900', 'Russian Hammered Coins, etc. on this page: Metal Detecting Finds
And the off-topic photo galleries are listed in Photo Galleries Directory
These photo galleries contain many photographs taken during my metal detecting trips in the US and abroad.

Also check Best Finds of TH'ers Worldwide
This section contains pages with images of the best finds made by general detectorists, coin shooters, relic hunters and beach hunters who submitted their photos and short stories to me.

Share Your Metal Detecting Experiences

I encourage all hobby enthusiasts to submit pictures of their best metal detecting finds that can be shown in this section: Other Treasure Hunters' Finds
If you have your own story (whether you have found a treasure chest or discovered a few valuable coins) and would like it to be posted with photographs on my website, you are more than welcome to submit your information (please use my Contact page). Field-test reports for any metal detector are welcomed as well!

Testimonials: What People Say About My Website Project

Here are a few comments out of many that I have received from my website visitors in recent years:

"Great Website Packed with Knowledge!" - from Jay Evans in New York, USA, on

"Hello Sergei,
I wanted to thank you for your great website packed with your knowledge about detecting, (Mainly about the CTX3030) With your help and knowledge I’ve written several search modes and loaded them in my machine and now I can’t wait to try this awesome machine out! Just wanted to thank you for putting all your insight online for everyone to read and inspire more to get out and enjoy our great hobby! Thanks again!"

"Helpful and Motivating!" - from Judith K. in Georgia, USA, on

"Hello Sergei,
First I just want to say thank you for your website. It is very interesting to read! I recently bought a Tesoro Silver µMax and have started learning how to detect. Great fun! Reading your stories and your tips on metal detecting is very helpful and motivating. I have learned a lot from your site."

"Great Website!" - from Jukka А. in Palokka, Finland, on

"Dear Sergei,
I found your great Internet site about metal detecting a few weeks ago. I have learnt a lot from it, and my learning is still going on, thank you very much!"

"Wonderful Job!" - from Patrick M. in Emmen, Netherlands, on

"Hello Sergei,
I have learned a lot and enjoyed every minute I was on your website and I was there a lot believe me. Your enthusiasm and honesty is contagious, and lots of articles show your passion about this hobby. I truly love it when people have passion for what they do, stand for or believe in. I also use the Explorer 2 on a regular basis together with my Vaquero and CZ-20 - they are those detectors which will probably never leave my side. :) Yes, all of them are "oldies" but I don't really care. I let all those people with there beautiful and flashy Deus detectors and many other flashy brands be in peace, and hope they find just as much treasures as myself. Or trash as we often do too (laughing). You put so much effort into your website and it shows. All those pictures and all those stories, it is just perfect. I want to thank you for all your work and all your shared experiences. All your time spent in the field makes it very believable and very interesting. Thanks again Sergei! You did, and still doing a wonderful job."

"Wonderful Website!" - from Hugh H. in Canandaigua, New York, USA, on

"Dear Sergei,
Thank you for such a wonderful site! I am saving for a metal detector, and find that your site is the most comprehensive and useful site of all on the web. Your site was referenced as a useful link on another site, and I’m so glad that I clicked on it!"

"Superb Website!" - from Robert C. in New South Wales (Australia) on

"Hello Sergei,
I read quite a few pages on your superb website and WOW! It's been put together beautifully. I'm very new to detecting but have the confidence now to get out there and find interesting things, and have lots of fun in the Australian bush in New South Wales. Thank you most kindly for your website!"

"What a great site you've got!" - from James S. in Pennsylvania (USA) on

"Hi Sergei,
Just had to tell you what a great site you've got! Comprehensive and in-depth. I can't imagine how you manage doing that along with your hunting and your normal career. And all free too! I've seen some sites who are trying to sell the same information (i.e. "Inside secrets of the professionals, Secrets they don't want you to know") and I would seriously doubt they would come close to what you are offering. I'm only about 3 months into this hobby and am of course just beginning to learn (Garrett ACE 250) but I've printed out several sections from your site for study. I'm sure they'll give my hunting efforts a great boost. One question out of curiosity, do you still feel the Minelab E-trac is your best overall detector?
- [No, not any longer. It is XP Deus now. - S.]

"Your website makes a huge difference!" - from Peter S. (USA) on

"Hey Sergie! Your website makes a huge difference! After I have browsed the web and visited many websites on metal detecting, I gotta tell you, I think your website is a valuable "keeper" in this "webfield" that is full of junk - websites that fill up their pages with multiple keywords but do not give any useful or in-depth information! They claim to be the most resourceful while posting a bunch of empty links and no photos of real finds! To me, it was upsetting to realize that there were no real treasure hunters behind those pages. Visiting your web page was like a breath of fresh air because you are a true treasure hunter and have done a great job sharing your experience and knowledge, inspiring others, and telling the truth! Thank you so much!!! You are the Man!"

"Thanks for the useful tips!" - from Adrian B. (UK) on

"Hi Sergei,
Your website is fantastic! It has inspired me to really start metal detecting more. I have always been fascinated.
The story of your silver coin hoard
[the story is temporarily unavailable - S.] was about the most amazing thing I have ever read, my eyes nearly popped out of my head when I saw all the pictures, it must have been AMAZING :) Congratulations! You deserve that success because of the hard work.
Thanks for the useful tips on the website they are excellent to the beginner like me.
Best Regards!"

"Thank you for the best website!" - from Brian J. (USA) on

"Hi Serge! I have to thank you for the best website I have seen on this hobby. I wish there were more sites like yours! Your idea on using old postcards gave me the information on the band stand in a park closed in the late 1800's. It is a small island, and I'm gonna search it in the spring when the weeds are down low.
Thanks again!"

"You have done an outstanding job!" - from Paul D. (USA) on

"Hi Sergie,
I went out today and found a 1944 wheat penny (whoopee) but it's a find. I would love to make it down to Poland, visit Auschwitz and a few other places.
My wife saw your website and said, "what does he do for a living?" I said, "Does it matter? He sure is having fun." She was impressed too on the detail and how it all went together. You have done an outstanding job so keep up the great work.
I really loved reading about the "_ _ _"
[here I had to omit the abbreviation of the WW2 military organization - S.] Isn't it interesting how so much evil can keep going after all those years. I haven't read everything on your site but I believe it's one of the best out there. Hope to have it all read soon, love the history part.
Glad you enjoyed the pictures hope to send you some of my finds soon. I will be planning and saving for the big trip next year.
Keep up the great website and good hunting!"

Please Be Patient!

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If for some reason you dislike my website or even hate it, at least take a look at this nice Russian lady Victoria in NYC!

Happy Hunting!