Australian Topographic Map Symbols

Symbolization & Explanations for Cultural, Road & Railroad, Relief, Hydrographic & Vegetation Features

This photo gallery depicts topographic map symbols that have been used on Australian topographic maps at various scales. All features in each category are explained in details.

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01-Topographic Symbols of Cultural Features 02-Topographic Symbols of Cultural Features 03-Topographic Symbols of Cultural Features 04-Topographic Symbols of Cultural Features
01-Cultural 02-Cultural 03-Cultural Features 04-Cultural
05-Topographic Symbols of Cultural Features 06-Topographic Symbols of Roads & Railroads 07-Topographic Symbols of Road & RR Features 08-Topographic Symbols of Relief Features
05-Cultural Features 06-Roads & Railroads 07-Road & RR Features 08-Relief
09-Topographic Symbols of Relief Features 10-Topographic Symbols of Vegetation 11-Topographic Symbols of Vegetation Features 12-Topographic Symbols of Hydrographic Features
09-Relief Features 10-Vegetation 11-Vegetation Features 12-Hydrography
13-Topographic Symbols of Coastal Features 14-Topographic Symbols of Hydrographic Features 15-Miscellaneous Features 16-Topographic Symbols of Boundaries
13-Coastal Features 14-Hydrographic Features 15-Miscellaneous Features 16-Boundaries

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