Coin Shooting in the Northern Ural Mountains

When the sun rose, we felt even more comfortable. After breakfast with hot tea, we were all well and sound, Vladimir regained his voice. We even laughed at the situation, though, the last night experience was a close call considering the low night temperature that could explain the presence of snow in some spots around.

Early Spring in The Urals

We resumed metal detecting at different spots of the site. This time, I put a 10.5 inches search coil on my Explorer and searched the area which I cleared off any surface junk the day before. I also paid attention to every faint signal and finally, after an hour, I recover another old coin.

A Large Copper Peeled Off the Piece of Dirt, Now Laying Next To It

Large Copper Dug Out

This Russian 1805 5 Kopecks Coin Is Identical To The One I Found

Russian 1805 5 Kopecks Coin

I Was Excited Again!

Sergei Holding His Find

Then Popped Up Another Soviet Coin

Another Soviet Coin

An Old Harness Ring Appeared From a Deep Hole

Brass Ring

In the afternoon, I had an assortment of other relics. The site could produce more nice Keepers if only more time was spent for systematic search.

All Relics Found At the Site

Relics Found

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