JW Fisher Pulse 8X Pro-Version 1 (without Bulkhead) Reviews, Price and Specifications

Underwater/Surf/Beach Pulse Induction (PI) Metal Detector

Retail Price: $1,795.00

Number of Reviews: 2

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JW Fisher Pulse 8X Pro-Version 1 (without Bulkhead)


  • 6 Ft. Deep Detection area
  • For underwater or on land
  • Detects all metals
  • Will not detect minerals
  • Rechargeable batteries and charger
  • 200 FT. Dive depth
  • Carrying bag
  • (single speaker) underwater bone type headphone
  • Land Extension handle and hipmount kit
  • Two year warranty
  • Version 1 and Version 2 are exactly the same with one exception, Version 2 has a bulkhead fitting that allows the detector to change to other size coils.
  • Version 1 is "hardwired" with the factory installed 7.5 inch searchcoil and cannot use other sizes.
  • Retail Price for Pulse 8X Pro-Version 2 (with Bulkhead): $1920.00

JW Fisher Pulse 8x w/ added 48" coil but needs a hook

William The Lover in USA - good

Took the JW Fisher Pulse 8x with factory add on 48" coil sled into 30-60 ft of Caribbean pirate ocean exploration. Therefore, I had hoped to have created a two-box for a fraction of list price. Seemed to be true to advertising that neither salt water, sand or minerals confused the detector. Battery held up well despite months of inactivity after factory charging. Seemed to detect large objects at about 10-15 knots trawl despite detecting on very deep sand bars. I'm guessing that the set would've located small objects but didn't experiment or try as I rented a fishing boat with an impatient captain. Equipment was durable but imagine that wireless headphones would be better if I had more time to short them. Moreover, without a signal legend on the needle window nor sound translation in its manual, I had to guess at what depth objects were beneath the sand and guess what hits were cannon shot, iron anchors (low grumble) and what were gold bars (chain saw scream). Side note explanation on what manuals don't cover: since Spain claims everything found on their ships sunk at sea and nobody's been smart enough to argue in court "it's not Spain's but stolen Inca loot"...will have to...prospect for English pirate treasure or Spanish loot that's (already) been brought to shore to avoid Spanish claims. Oh...and use your detector in countries that are friendly to treasure hunters instead of where hunters are limited by salvage leases that are actually just ways for banana republics to block or worse - rob good souls.

Aug 31, 2017
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JW Fisher Pulse 8x

John Macdonald in Oroville, California - best

Excellent PI detector. Well built. Good detection.

Apr 06, 2015
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