Nautilus DMC IIBa Reviews, Price and Specifications

All-Purpose Land Metal Detector

Retail Price: $660.00

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Search modes: Ground Reject Discriminate (motion), on-Motion Discrimination, Non-Motion Ground Balance
Controls: Discrimination, Ground Balance, Tuning, Power.
Audio: Ground reject Discriminate = 950 HZ, Non-Motion Discriminate and Non-Motion Ground Balance - 240 HZ.
Operating Frequency: 14 KHZ
Power Output: Variable
Search Heads: 8" Standard. Optional- 6", 10", & 15". Heads are field interchangeable on same models.
Power Pack: Four (4) 9-volt Transistor batteries Optional: Rechargeable battery system
Physical Configurations: Telescopic Handle in "S" or "U" choice, Grey Enclosure, Padded headphones.
Weight: 4.3 to 4.5 lbs.
Same Advanced instrument as IIB but coil balance is done electronically. Dual tones, one all metal/one disc. You have to see this instrument operate to appreciate it's depth.